​HTP Race Grade M130 PNP Kit

2017-19 GSX-R1000


Manual/Automatic Shifting:

  • Auto Shift Features
  • Gear Dependent/ RPM Dependent
  • Trim Switch Up to 9 Different Settings 
  • Adjustable Gear Change Fuel/Ignition Cuts or Ignition Retard Levels

Launch Control:

  • Programmable RPM Limiter
  • Anti-lag
  • Ignition Timing RPM Limit
  • Launch Control Fuel and Ignition cuts
  • Launch Control Timing Limits

Race Timer:

  • Allows, Fuel, IGN, Nitrous, Boost, Shifting, Etc. to Work Off A Timer that is Defined by a Resource 

Progressive Nitrous:

  • Mulltiple Stages Progressive
  • Gear/RPM/Nitrous Duty Cycle Fuel/Ignition Trims
  • Ride Height Nitrous Trims, Fuel, Ignition, and Nitrous Duty Cycle
  • Nitrous by Gear
  • Nitrous Time Based Strategy 
  • Nitrous Speed Based Strategy 
  • Nitrous Acceleration and IMU Based Strategy 
  • Nitrous Fuel Mixture Aims
  • Nitrous Trim Switch up to 9 Different Ramps

Boost Control:

  • Boost Control Strategy Time, Gear, and Speed Based 
  • Boost Control External Waste Gate Strategy, Increase/Decrease Solenoids
  • Boost Fuel, Ignition Compensations
  • Ride Height Boost Compensation
  • IMU Angle and Acceleration Boost Strategy
  • Boost Trim Switch up to 9 Different Ramps

Lambda Control (Air/Fuel):

  • Utilizes Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 Sensors or NTK Sensors
  • Close-Loop Fueling for Auto Corrections
  • Boost, Nitrous, Temp, Race Time, Throttle, Aux Timer AIMS for Lambda Compensations

Data Logging:

  • Log Level 1 100 Channels at 100hz
  • Log Level 2 200 Channels at 200hz (UPGRADE OPTION) ****recomended****
  • Log Level 3 2000 Channels at 1000hz
  • All ECU Use i2 Standard for Data Logging

Chassis Sensors:

  • Suspension Position Sensors
  • Shock Potentiometers
  • Laser Height
  • Ultra Sonic Ride Height
  • Track Temp
  • Tire Temp
  • IMU 6-Axis
  • Yaw and Wheel Speeds

Knock Sensor:

  • Detecting Engine Knock


  • Fully Configurable for Any Sensor or Device that Uses CAN
  • Spares Connector for Expansion and Customization:
  • Spares Connector is a 26 pin Connector that allows you to wire in all your AUX in, outs, UDIG, AT, 0v, 5v, 12v, Ground to all your sensors