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HTP Performance, Inc.

Cushioned MoTeC Mount

Cushioned MoTeC Mount Customized Fitment for: Motec M130 ECU Motec M170 ECU Motec PDM15 Motec PDM30 4 oz with installed mounting hardware Center bolt pattern allows for multiple mounting configurations *Please note anodized mount cannot be...
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Ryan Schnitz Racing

ECU Air Shifter Race Spec Wiring Harness

$79.95 - $139.95
ECU Air Shifter Race Spec Wiring Harness The Schnitz Racing Air Shifter Wiring Harness is a Race Spec Harness that is completely plug and play.  No cutting, splicing or permanent change to your stock wiring harness.  We use only Mil-spec wire...
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HTP Performance, Inc.

ECU Flash Service

ECU Flash Service Some of the benefits of re-flashing your ECU are:  Allows Traction Control Mode to be adjusted/turned off ‘on the fly’. Allows the last selected Traction Control Mode to be retained after the bike is shut off,...


M130 PNP ECU Kit

MoTeC M130 Plug In ECU Kit The MoTeC M130 Plug-N-Play ECU kit is a fully programmable, direct replacement for the factory ECU. No re-wiring necessary; the adaptor kit plugs into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors, fuel system and...
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