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50mm Clip-on

50mm Clip-on Vortex Clip-Ons are an economical replacement handlebar with amazing strength. They are machined from solid billet with a removable handlebar. In the event of a crash, you simply replace the handlebar tube instead of the entire Clip-on...
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HTP Performance, Inc.

Adjustable Triple Tree

Adjustable Triple Tree Kit Includes: Adjustable yoke for stock & 1/2" offset Top (50mm) & Bottom (52mm) triple clamps Steering stem and & titanium nut Black anodizing (optional) Compatible with both K-Tech and Scott's Steering...
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HTP Performance, Inc.

Grudge Fork Service

Grudge Fork Service Lighten and lower your grudge chassis Internally/externally cut for zero travel *For track use only 23" from tube top to bottom 50mm top & 52mm bottom turndown optional Anodized black Complete your front end with HTP...
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Scott's Performance

Steering Stabilizer

$169.00 - $499.00
Steering Stabilizer Key Features: It is the only Stabilizer with three fully adjustable circuits. It is the only Stabilizer that has an adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding. It is the only Stabilizer that allows...
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Suspension Linear Steering Damper (Race)

$403.00 - $435.00
Suspension Linear Steering Damper (Race) K-Tech steering dampers are a lightweight aluminium design available for many applications, manufactured in conjunction with Toby Dampers.  Available in seven lengths for road and race use they are fully...
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