Cecil Towner, III
Title: Owner/Crew Chief
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Age: 38

Cecil was first introduced to AMA/Prostar in 2001 as a crew member of Jim Carroll's Formula Superbike program. Their championship victory gave him a taste of drag racing competition, and he dreamed of eventually creating his own program. In 2003, HTP Performance was created when Towner took a leap of faith, quitting his job, and buying a motorcycle dynamometer and an enclosed trailer. He offered mobile dyno services and horsepower readings for customers and bike week events. Within a year, Towner had expanded his modest mobile business to a successful Richmond-based motorcycle shop. Towner's dream was finally recognized when he was able to fund his own race team in 2007. His hard work and ethics have made him a highly-recognized and respected figure in both business and drag racing.


Cecil Towner, Jr.
Title: Head Mechanic
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Age: 58

A long-time motorcycle enthusiast, it was only natural that he would introduce his son to his love of all things on two wheels. Little did he know the effect "Santa" would have on his five-year old son when given a Honda CR 75. Over the years, he taught Cecil many things mechanical and riding-related. As his son's business and race team grew, he retired his easy-riding Harley days to join his fast and furious lifestyle. His new passion for Japanese bikes and drag racing is obvious from his hard work and focus at the track, and he plays a key role in this highly-respected father-son duo.


Ryan Schnitz
Hometown: Decatur, IN
Age: 36
Weight: 127
Class: Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Pro Street Bike

Class: Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Pro Street Bike Once the "7-Second Kid", now the "6-Second Man", Ryan Schnitz piloted HTP's Nitrous Hayabusa to make history as the very first Street Bike to run into the 6's in 2011. The noted NHRA racer has been a wonderful asset to the team since joining in 2010. His riding career is highlighted by championships in the AMA/Prostar 600 SuperSport class in 2001 and 2002, and 1000 SuperSport in 2004. He was the first to bring a 600 down the 1/4-mile in under ten seconds and eventually established the ET national record at 9.792 seconds. Other achievements include NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle wins in Columbus, Denver, Pomona, and Chicago.


Ken Grate
Hometown: Loris, SC
Age: 28
Weight: 138
Class: Real Street

Ken is a racer from the Myrtle Beach area in SC. He is currently employed at RedLine Powersports and has been a technician there for a year and a half. He graduated from MMI in 2009 and has been drag racing for the past five years. Being well known for his reaction times and his Capt’n Crunch bike, Ken is hoping for the opportunity to win his first championship.