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Hayabusa 60mm Velocity Stacks

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Hayabusa 60mm Velocity Stacks

Created specifically for our growing number of Busa customers worldwide but soon to be made available for a select range of other vehicles, our latest creation, the 'Vortex Velocity Stacks' are the perfect complement to our world leading nitrous systems.

Our 60mm VVSs are intended to fit Gen 1 Hayabusa intakes and offer much more than just the addition of a nitrous inlet port. These 2 piece CNC machined, ultra high quality, bright gloss anodised billet alloy velocity stacks, are unlike any other product on the market and offer unparalleled performance.

Our Vortex Velocity Stacks have

  • The biggest bore velocity stacks ever offered (at 60 mm) for a Gen 1 Hayabusa
  • A unique integral hypo injection nitrous nozzle that generates a Nitrous vortex
  • An integral fuel atomizing injection port for wet nitrous applications (See Notes Below)

They are also

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Freer flowing due to the lack of a protruding nozzle – worth up to 10 bhp NA and over all other nitrous velocity stacks, that take Fogger type nozzles.

When comparing WON Vortex Velocity Stacks with other alternatives

  • They have a much bigger trumpet entry than any other brand (60mm compared with 55mm).
  • The trumpet ‘tapers down’ to the TB bore size, rather than being ‘stepped down’.
  • They replace the rubbers entirely unlike other aftermarket trumpets.
  • The combination of the above features, produces a smoother flow path and results in a much higher air flow capability than any other alternative.
  • They are a two piece billet alloy unit (rather than ‘just’ a one piece trumpet made from rolled alloy tube, as offered by other companies), so you are not only getting a much higher quality product but you are also getting double the product for your money.
  • They have an integrated nozzle (there's no need to purchase a set of nozzles in addition to the trumpets, as with other brands), so there are no extras to buy.
  • The nozzle is ‘totally unique’ and causes far less obstruction to normal airflow than a Fogger type nozzle.
  • This design positions the nitrous plume in a far better position than any alternative from any other company.

Before Ordering

The VVS's are designed to connect directly to WON X10 Quadranoids using our 5mm nylon pipe. If you want to upgrade an existing system (that currently has 4mm pipe) or buy the VVS’s as part of a conventional Pulsoid & distribution block system (that uses 4mm pipework), additional 5mm to 4mm reducers are required.

For US brand kits we can offer 3AN adapters to connect braided hose to the Vortex Stacks but a better option is to upgrade to WON X10 Quadranoids instead.

For any application that doesn't use any of the above pipework please contact us with your system requirements and we will try our best to find a suitable connection to suit.

Can these be used without Nitrous?

Yes! - The Vortex Stacks have been designed to work for Nitrous Oxide Injection but offer no obtrusion for normally aspirated applications. With the largest trumpets available for standard Gen 1 Busa's these offer a high quality alternative to other branded stacks. To install; the nitrous and fuel ports simply need to be blanked (Supplied for NA).


When used in a WET system each Vortex stack is included with our integral atomizing fuel nozzle. For power requirements below 175Bhp a dedicated fuel regulator for tuning the system will be required. For 175Bhp and above the atomizers can be jetted to suit a variety of fuel pressures and power levels. A WON technician will be in contact to discuss the requirements before processing any WET order.


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