530 Chain Max-Z RX-Ring

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530 Chain Max-Z RX-Ring

Sealed Chain made for Extreme Sport Machines

MAX Z is a premium RX-ring sealed chain specially designed to handle the most powerful street machines on the market today. MAX Z offers unparalleled strength unseen in its class at competitive prices, including up to 180 links for extended swing arms.

Maximum PERFORMANCE meets Maximum VALUE

  • Made in Japan
  • Highest tensile strength in its category
  • Greatest durability in its category
  • Widest applications in its category
  • Most competitive pricing in the industry.

530 MAX-Z

  • 11,200lbs tensile strength
  • Street: Up to 1,400cc
  • Master Link Included: Rivet Type

How long of a chain do I need? - Add 10 pins for every 3 inches of swingarm you add.

PRO TIP - Extend the life of your chain and sprockets by removing encrusted deposits of grease, sand and dirt.

  • Thoroughly clean the chain with a non aggressive solvent, such as Motul Chain Clean/Degreaser.  Using gasoline or harsh chemicals can cause damage to the O-rings.
  • Lubricate the chain with a high quality chain lube. It must be fluid enough to get between the chain rollers and plates. It must also be thick enough and adhesive enough to withstand high rotations. On top of that it has a water-repellent role, so you can see why oil or grease are ineffective solutions. Motul Road Formula Chain Lube is ideal and comes in a convenient areasol can to minimize overspray.
  • Repeat this every 500 miles or after a weekend at the track.

*Note - All chains come with (1) Rivet Style Master Link.  Be sure to order new sprockets with your new chain.


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